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by Natalia Lapkina is Historical Sciences PhD
Natalia Lapkina
Founder of "Qawra - Kid's Academy of Sciences"
Natalia Lapkina is Historical Sciences PhD, well-known expert in Education.
PhD thesis of Natalia Lapkina.

Researcher at the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Natalia also has two magister degrees:

- Russian State University for the Humanities (RGGU), history and theory of culture and art;

- Institute of European Cultures (IEK, a project of the Russian State University for the Humanities, the Sorbonne and Rohr University), modern European culture.

She is the member of Childhood studies association.

Natalia is the participant of International conferences in the field of humanity studies and education in Tokyo (Japan), Turku (Finland), Los Angeles (USA), etc.

Natalia is the author of innovative educational methods that were included in the Advanced Training Courses for teachers and directors of schools in the Russian Federation, an invited expert of educational methods for the office of the governor of Orenburg and the Orenburg region. She worked also with directors of schools, libraries, heads of kindergartens. Read more..

Natalia is the Art expert for the "Just Dilijan It" project of the international School of the UWC Dilijan system, expert in different art programs for the RVVZ Foundation.

Developed a one-year art history course for the international English School ERA.

Natalia Lapkina is the Author of more than 45 scientific and creative programs for children and adolescents in the history of art, history, social anthropology and ethnography around the world, all programs had been tested and prove their effectiveness.

Author of scientific and popular science publications, including:
- "Tales Told in October" book.
- Scientific article on the methodology that was developed and applied in the Qawra Lecture Hall.
- List of scientific articles at the link.

Nominated by the Government of Moscow and the Moscow House of Nationalities for her contribution in struggle against nationalism among young people, a participant in UNESCO research projects.

She has got an experience in Archaeological scientific expeditions for 7 years.

12 years of experience in ethnographic scientific expeditions, filmed documentaries for "National Geographic" and "Channel 1" in Tibet, Nepal, Buryatia, Java, New Guinea and more.

Developed programs for the Russian Geographical Society (RGO)

Co-organizer of the 2018 Big School Conference, video link.

Mother of two sons.
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